Come and join us for a fully sourced journey through Yehoshua that will be educational, inspiring, engaging, and most of all, a gift from Hashem, illuminating your world with the riches of inspiration for eternity.

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Navi Illustrated
What We Are About

Who today are the heroes of Jewish children? We hope that they are Yisrael’s Gedolim! Unfortunately, that may be wishful thinking.  In the past generation, they may have been fantasy heroes such as Batman, Superman (or even the Lone Ranger), where at least the champions demonstrated that good always triumphs over evil. However, today, contemporary sports figures, whose value systems leave much to be desired, may be filling that void. The Navi presents us with real heroes- Torah heroes!  These heroes are the backbone and pillars of the Jewish people!

Furthermore, we have always felt it was important to demonstrate how relevant the Navi is to our daily lives. Therefore, you will find throughout the graphic novel much inference to contemporary issues. These overtones add a completely different dimension to the story and will hopefully leave the reader with much food for thought.

Book of Yehoshua
What IT's About

The Book of Yehoshua is about promises made, promises kept. Hashem guarantees that Avraham’s children, Yisrael, will inherit the land. This book testifies Hashem delivered on that pledge, as it states: בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא כָּרַת ה׳ אֶת־אַבְרָם בְּרִית לֵאמֹר לְזַרְעֲךָ נָתַתִּי אֶת־הָאָרֶץ הַזֹּאת (“On that day, Hashem formed a covenant with Avram, saying, to your offspring, I have given this Land”) (Beresheet 15:18).

Perhaps, however, this relationship of Hashem, Yisrael and Land (Eretz Yisrael) began much earlier. בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹקים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָֽרֶץ (“In the beginning, Hashem created the heavens and the earth.”) The Holy One, Blessed Be He, created the world and can grant the land to whomever He wishes (Rashi, Beresheet 1:1), reserving the right to designate (and take away) one specific piece of land exclusively appropriated for his Chosen People.

All other nations conquer land for power. Yisrael conquers the Land to deepen their spiritual connection to G-d. Love of the Land is not expressed merely by mouthing patriotic slogans, but by maintaining a standard of loyalty to Hashem and living according to the moral ideals set by the Torah. This will grant us the privilege of remaining in our beloved Land, with sanctity and serenity.

Praise & Bracha

“I like the idea and it is acceptable to draw pictures of our holy patriarchs… However when you illustrate Avraham Avinu and Moshe Rabbeinu make them not discernible”
Rabbi Yisrael Belsky ZT”L

“Brings the stories of Navi to life for a new generation of children”
Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Darchei Torah

“My children thoroughly enjoyed the Navi Illustrated series (and so did I)”
Dr. Alyssa Berlin, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

“This is a really wonderful project and I wish you much Bracha and Hatzlacha”
Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz, Rav of Kehillas Ohr Somayach

“An excellent resource to open up the stories and lessons of Nach to both young and old”
Rabbi Avraham Czapnik, Director, Jewish Learning Exchange

“A new and innovative way to teach Navi”
Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, Dean, Yeshivat Yavneh

“After showing facial illustrations of the Holy Avos (Forefathers) to Kvod HaRav Eliyashiv, ZT’L, he stated to me, there is no prohibition to illustrate like that”
Rav Yoni Gerstein, Author, Illustrator, Cartoonist

“A Pasuk by Pasuk narrative… wonderful introduction to Navi for both young and old”
Rabbi Pinchos Gruman ZT”L, Musmach of Rav Aharon Kotler Zt”l, and Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”l

“It brings Tanach to life and makes it unforgettable”
Rabbi Yaacov Haber, Mora D’Asra Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun

“Since our great Torah educators worldwide support this project, I wish this project much Hatzlacha ”
Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva, Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia

“I commend the developers of this program for a quality presentation and encourage them to continue to see it to completion” (Link to Rav Leff Letter)
Rabbi Zeff Leff , Rabbi of Moshav Matityahu, Rosh Yeshiva -Yeshiva Gedola Matityahu

“I wish to bless Rav Shlomo Mermelstein on his unique and wonderful initiative of endearing the study of Navi to Bnei Yisrael. Your precise illustrations based on Midrashim and Chazal reflect how extremely deep and unique you have labored…” (Link to Rav Levi Letter)
Rabbi Shlomo Levi, Rosh Yeshiva, Member of Rabbinical Chamber, Rishon L’Tzion, Israel

“It is my hope that the outstanding strength and power infused into this project will drastically increase people learning the holy Navi” (Link to Tolna Rebbe Letter)
Rabbi Yitzchok Menachem, Tolna Rebbe

“This Navi illustrated team has done a great service to Klal Yisrael with this innovative and glorious concept of the graphic depiction of Navi – based on Chazal”
Rabbi Shmuel Moeller

“This is a beautiful project. This will encourage the learning of Navi and that is so very important”
Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl, Rosh Yeshiva, Netiv Aryeh

“Excellent presentation… makes the story come alive… I would recommend this for my grandchildren”
Rabbi Dovid Thaler, Menahel, Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad

“It is evident from the details included in this work that the author researched the classic Meforshim in order to illuminate the drawings and to ensure they are consistent with our Mesorah”
Rabbi Benzion Twerski, Rav, Congregation Beth Jehudah

“This is a very needed and important project and I wish you all the Hatzlacha in the world”
Rabbi Berel Wein, Historian, Author, Rabbi

“Stories packed with Midrashim… it even has sources in the back…”
Rabbi Baruch Zheutlin, Rebbe, Ashar Hebrew Day School